How To: Get Your Questions Answered (on the phone)

Step 1: Make sure you have good cell phone service (if using a mobile phone).
           It is very hard to have a conversation when one person can barely hear the other.
Step 2: Have your account information ready and available.
          Making a Rep wait for you to find your information is very rude and could make your conversation more hostile.
Step 3: You don’t need permission to ask a question.
          No explanation necessary…
Step 4: Know what you are asking for.
          When you call a help line and say “I need help,” but you do not know what you need help with, the Rep will not know what they can do for you.
Step 5: Be calm.
          When you get frustrated on the phone, even if you are still being nice, emotions are escalated through the phone line, so keep this in mind.
Step 6: Do your research.
           A lot of questions can be answered by reading the website online.
Step 7: If the Rep can’t help you and you need to be transferred to a different department, don’t ask questions.
Step 8: Don’t get mad.
           You can become angry or passionate about your concern, but please try to remember that it is not the Help Center or Rep’s fault.
Step 9: Realize it’s not their fault.
          Before you call, remember that your problem was not caused by the Rep that you will be talking to, they are just a middle-man.
Step 10: Don’t pretend you know more than them.
           If you knew more than the people that are trying to help you, why would you call in the first place?

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