On Monday, I received my first set of “grown-up bills.” Man has time gone by fast. I feel like just yesterday that I was hanging out with my parents at school just asking them for $20 here and there to go to the movies or to lunch with friends. Now, here I am a senior in college. I can’t even believe how fast time has flown by. Anyways, onto the juicy stuff.

When it comes to being an adult and paying bills, there are many things you have to worry about. The first thing I have to worry about is paying rent. My rent is about $350 per month and then I have to also pay for utilities, cable and internet. But let’s not forget about my Hulu and Netflix subscriptions while we’re at it.

All in all, it comes down to the fact that I am paying about $500 for these five bills. But WAIT THERE’S MORE (reference the sham-WOW commercial). A girl’s got to eat right?! So there goes about $50 per week for groceries and possibly eating out… At the end of all my expenses, without having any fun, I need to make about $700 every month to be a sufficient college student.

BLEH! How much does having to make that much money and not have any fun sound? NOT SO FUN!

Right now I am working about 16 hours a week in the Office of Admissions here at Washington State University. We also do events that can get me anywhere from 6-20 extra hours on top of my usual 16 hours a week. I feel like this will be the perfect amount of work to pay all of my bills PLUS have a little bit of fun every couple of weeks.

Anyways, this is something that I have needed to reflect on for a while. The concept of growing up and how it will affect my friendships and relationships. I hope y’all enjoyed my little financial rant.. talk to you again soon.




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