The Denny’s in Pullman is Closed.

So, we were having a huge debate in the Telecounseling Center of the Admissions Office here at my university about the fact that the Pullman Denny’s closed this weekend. We had all heard a rumor that the Denny’s would be reopening to a Red Robin in the upcoming months. Tag, the Team Leader for our shift did not believe this rumor, so he got on the phone with the Executive Director of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce who told him that there were no proposed plans for the Denny’s building.

No one has any idea what it feels like coming from the west side of Washington and not being able to go to Red Robin here at school. You only really understand my frustrations when I now live in Melbourne, FL and HAVE NOT HAD RED ROBIN IN 4 YEARS! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?! I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THERE TO BE A RED ROBIN!!!!!!!!

All joking aside though, I’m actually really mad.

The PROS of having a Red Robin in Pullman:


– Unlimited french fries


The CONS of having a Red Robin in Pullman:

– There are none. This is the best idea we have ever thought of.


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