Reply to Thought Catalog

So, my new favorite blog is Thought Catalog and recently they posted 35 Things Your Boyfriend Isn’t Telling You. I thought it would be fun to post a reply to this post with a “20 Things Your Girlfriend Isn’t Telling You.” So here it goes 🙂

1. She really does not like your facial hair. If she says she likes scruffy, she thinks it’s cute for like… a day. No more than that though, sorry.

2. She actually loves action/adventure movies. She may make you watch chick flicks, but she actually enjoys a break from all the lovey-dovey stuff.

3. When girls talk to you at the bar, she gets jealous just a little bit on the inside. She won’t show it though.

4. She wants you to initiate conversation. A “Good Morning :)” text will make her smile all day long.

5. She needs girl time. All of her time can not be devoted to you.

6. Taking your girl out on a date revitalizes your relationship especially when you don’t do it often. Even if it is a free movie or concert at your school, it’s always nice to be reassured that you still want to spend quality time in public together.

7. Seeing you happy is something she wants to see and gets so excited when she sees your smile.

8. She is sorry she let things get out of hand too soon.

9. She will never forget her first. Don’t pretend that she will.

10. She hides a lot from you because she thinks you will dislike her if you know.

11. She hates that you go to a hair dresser to get your hair cut. A good pair of clippers is all you need.

12. She isn’t too busy to come over, she just needs some time to herself.

13. She loves you in a suit. It’s very sexy.

14. She wants to be friends with your buddies. She wants to get to know them.

15. She wants you to be there when she cries. Even if she says she doesn’t want you.

16. A period mix and a box of cupcakes (like Ashton Kutcher did in No Strings Attached) is actually just what a girl needs sometimes.

17. She is terrified of losing you.

18. She loves to wear yoga pants and be comfy and she loves that you still love her when she does.

19. If you can afford it, flowers are the best “just because” gift. Or maybe just bring her coffee, that will make her just as happy.

20. She is terrified of you cheating on her.


Well there it is folks! I hope you liked my little reply to Thought Catalog!

I want to thank Thought Catalog for posting so many interesting new posts every day. It certainly entertains my friends and I.


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