This Is Why We Lose Love And Why We Shouldn’t

Very Interesting Post. Love the language and really touched my heart-strings.

Thought Catalog

Oftentimes we find ourselves in “the game”.

Most people say that they hate “the game”, and they very well might. We want the person who doesn’t want us because they want someone who doesn’t want them, and the person they like loves somebody who loves you, but you don’t want them because you’re in love with radial point A.

We have come full circle.

We are so caught up in finding a challenge, that we don’t see the person standing right in front of us.

Here’s something interesting, we only find ourselves missing the person who loved us when THEY move on. Why? Because after they move on, they become a new challenge and if we’re lucky enough we catch them right before they move past the horizon.

Marriage stems from the golden lining on the horizon. Love is a sick twisted chess game, and every move is analyzed. The point of…

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