Before graduating…

As a graduating Senior here at Washington State University, there are a TON of things on my plate that I still have to complete. From doing well in all of my 400-level classes to working a ton and trying to line up a job for after graduation.

Right now I am taking five upper level classes as well as working between 30-40 hours a week with the Office of Admissions. In my free time, I am applying for internships and jobs for after graduation as well as during the Spring semester. At this point and time I have an interview with the Dean of Students Office for an internship for the Spring semester.

My class schedule for next semester looks like it will only be four classes (keeping me at full-time standing for Financial Aid) as well as a one credit class for the Dean of Students internship if I get it.

RAWR! I am so stressed it’s not even funny, but I know I am a strong student as well as person and I will make it through this next semester and a half!

OH I almost forgot about graduation requirements! I still need to complete my Junior Writing Portfolio, apply to graduate and get my cap and gown, graduation announcements, and my GRADUATION RING! I am so excited, you have no idea.

Anyways, love you all have a great weekend and here at WSU it is Dad’s Weekend, so if your dad is here be sure to thank him for being amazing. He deserves it 🙂



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