Ideal Vacation

My ideal vacation is spending time with my best friends. My friend Chloe and I had the best idea for a fun spring break “stay-cation.”

Our stay-cation involves going to Seattle for spring break. We would stay at her house (so we didn’t have to pay for a hotel), travel into the city daily to have fun, and get back home before the city gets too weird. Some things we would do in the city are shop, sightseeing, walk around the city, eat amazing food, etc. We would also go up to Bellingham for a day or two to visit one of our very best friends, Josey. Hopefully we would be able to go up to Canada and hang out up there since I am the only one of us three who is currently 21 and we all would be able to drink if we visited Canada. While in Canada, I would hope to go to Victoria and do fun things like that. Maybe more shopping and sightseeing.

But for real, my favorite idea for a vacation would be going to Spain and then travelling Europe. I would want to start in Spain during the BullRaces. I have always wanted to see these races, even though I have heard that they are very gory. I would then want to travel toward France when I would be able to spend some time with a very fun guy I met in Disney named Laurent. After going to France, seeing the Eiffel Tower, and doing other touristy things, I would want to go to England to visit my friend Emma-Jo who lives just outside of London. I would then want to train through the rest of Europe, stay in hostels, and learn about European culture from the inside rather than through history and travel books.


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