Moving… Quite the Game Changer

Throughout my life I have moved a total of four times. I have moved from growing up in North Attleboro, MA to High School in Bainbridge Island, WA then I moved to go to college in Pullman, WA and while in college my parents moved to Melbourne, FL and this is where I will be living when I graduate college in May. While I have moved four times in my life, this is not as many as some of the people I have met. When I tell people I have moved so much, they all ask me if my dad was in the military but no, he has not been in the military since before I was born.

When I was living in Massachusetts, I was just growing up. I was involved with dance, gymnastics, swimming and softball. I was just a normal kid. Living in the same area as all of my family and friends who I had grown up with. But everything changed between the summer of 7th and 8th grade.

My parents moved us to Bainbridge island, WA where I was the odd kid out. Everyone already had their friends and their cliques and gosh all the girls were horrible and judgemental. I sat in the bathroom for lunch and had no friends throughout the whole first fall I was going to Woodward Middle School. Second semester was a little bit better; I started making friends and finally had a niche in school.

While I was always a good kid, I ended up making friends with people who would later go on to get into drugs, alcohol problems and dropping out of school. One of my friends even had a baby two months after high school graduation. After graduation, I decided to attend Washington State University since it was about a 5.5 hour drive away from home, far enough away that I had space from my parents, but close enough to be able to go home on a weekend if I was really homesick.

Well, Dad’s weekend comes around during my freshman year of college and guess what?! WE’RE MOVING TO FLORIDA!

So that winter break, we spent in Foxboro, MA with my grandmother and my dad’s side of the family. It was nice to see my extended family for the first time since we moved to Washington but it just wasn’t the same. The summer of 2011 was interesting. I got two jobs; one at a car wash (lasted 2 weeks) and another at General Electric, working for my dad. I feel like if I had not been 19, I would have had an easier time making friends in the office but being the youngest person by about 10-15 years, so it was quite the transition.

Now, I am looking towards graduation and am going to be living in FL after I graduate. At this time, I have no friends or even contacts in my area of Florida. I am nervous to go back to Florida especially for that reason. I hope everything works out…


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