Why I Don’t Understand Twitter

So I understand why celebrities like Twitter. Their followers can see what they are doing in their daily lives and become more connected to the celebrities fo their choice. But what I really don’t understand about Twitter is how all of the people I am looking to get jobs from want me to have a Twitter. What am I supposed to “tweet” about?

All I ever see my friends “tweet” about is their day or hashtaging everything that comes to their minds. There are some of my friends’ Twitters that I like to follow because they post about sports and things like that but many of my friends and many celebrities take “tweeting” too far. I don’t want to hear about your bathroom experience or the fact that your dad just walked in on your and your boyfriend #awkward.

Though Twitter helped me get an amazing Career Coaching Session with a man named Joe Furino from Philips USA, I still do not believe it to be a good use of my time.

Comments? Questions? Rebuttals?



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