My Current Relationship

Thomas and I have been dating since September of this year. We have known each other though for about 3 years now.

How We Met:

I met Thomas while hanging out with my previous boyfriend, Kyle. Kyle was in a fraternity called ACACIA with Thomas’ roommate and we ended up going to his room in a different residence hall to hang out with him. Thomas was there and I felt like instantly we became pretty good friends.

Since the day we met, Thomas was always the guy I went to for car trouble, computer trouble, and phone trouble. Even during my freshman year, when I spilled Top Ramen all over my Blackberry, he gave me an old phone of his to use until I was able to get a new one the next summer. He has always been the most giving, helpful and thoughtful friend I have ever had.

When Kyle and I broke up last fall, Thomas was there for me when many others weren’t. My relationship with Kyle wasn’t the best, or the healthiest so my friends just laughed and said “FINALLY!!!” when we broke up. But I was heart broken. It is hard not to be, especially when he was attached to my hip for the last three years. Thomas was there to let me cry, he was there as a shoulder to lean on. I never thought Thomas and I would be more than just friends, but when I came back from my internship at Walt Disney World, he asked if he could pick me up from the airport. I was gracious for his willingness to do this for me and accepted. He helped me move into my apartment and was just the same friend I had always known.

A few weeks after school started, Thomas and I were hanging out watching a movie and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. It was a shock to me but I obviously said yes.

Thomas and my relationship is not perfect in the slightest. We talk maybe once a day, but unlike all of my other relationships I don’t completely rely on him for everything. I don’t rely on him as my only friend or the only person I can hang out with on a regular basis. We are both very busy people and though we talk almost every day, we definitely do not see each other every day. Since we are both seniors in college, we have a lot of other things on our plates like work, studying, applying for jobs, etc. so it’s nice to be able to do my own thing and still be able to go on dates and have fun with a guy I like.

At this point in our relationship I find myself thinking about whether it will last after college. We both are very close to our families and since his live near Olympia, WA and mine live in Florida, I think we might be heading into a roadblock. Right now, I am trying not to think about the possibility of us breaking up because we both want to live near our families after graduation, but I also don’t want to think of the consequences of long distance after college either… Let’s just say, I’m going to have fun, make it last and in about six months I’ll figure out where to go from there. 🙂


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