Why I Love My Job

At Washington State University, I work within the Office of Admissions as a Cougar Connector. Cougar Connectors give tours, answer phones, and make cold calls to possible future students letting them know more about the university. I have been working my way up the ladder in the Office of Admissions and have absolutely loved my time working with current, former and prospective students. My favorite part of this job is when I get to answer phone calls from students. Being the first person a student has talked to in Admissions, it is always nice when students call in and have questions I can answer for them. There are many things that I cannot answer questions about such as student accounts, IT questions and financial aid.

When talking to students who are genuinely excited and wanting to get into WSU, it is really exciting for me to answer their questions. The best part about talking to students is when they call to check on their application status and I am able to tell them that they have been admitted into Washington State University. The other day I had a girl call in and told her she was admitted. She screamed to her mom (and in my ear) that she got in then proceeded to start crying. Apparently her mom and dad both went to WSU and she wanted to be able to keep that tradition alive. Mind you, she was from the EAST COAST! It was awesome having someone so far away be so excited about the opportunity to come and study at WSU.

When I first started college, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, but while working for the Office of Admissions and studying Public Relations, I have learned so much about admissions and the processes of admitting students and realized that this is what I want to do for the resy of my life. I never would have believed when I was applying to college if someone said to me “You’ll be the person on the other side in just over 4 years.” I am hopeful that after graduation in May, I will be able to get a full time job doing the one thing in the world that I love most, helping students achieve their dreams by taking that first step and going to college.


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