Apartment Living

After living in my apartment for just over three months now, I have finally settled into my life and routine. There are many things I have learned about myself when it comes to apartment living rather than living in the residence halls or with my parents.

The first thing I learned is that I am not as messy as everyone thinks I am. When I lived with my parents or even in my residence hall, I HATED doing dishes. Like, would leave dirty dishes for months then just buy new ones so I wouldn’t have to wash the dirty. Now that I am living in my own apartment, a place of residence I pay for with my own money, I am a much cleaner person. Whether it is the fact that it is my OWN place or the fact that I do not want to ruin it with having it be dirty, either way, I am a cleaner person now that I live in an apartment.

The second thing I learned is that groceries are EXPENSIVE! Even from Walmart, I find myself spending $150 – $200 every two weeks for food just for me! Granted, now that I live in an apartment I also eat a TON more than I used to but it is all good food for me rather than dining hall food. But anyways, food will break your bank especially if you want to eat healthily,

The third thing I learned while living in my apartment is that you may think you will click with someone but you may not be the best roommates ever. My roommate and I are cool but she is very quiet and always takes over the living room so I feel like I have to hide in my bedroom and I’m not allowed to have friends over to hang out in our common areas. Also we spend about $100 for cable every month because SHE likes to watch TV. I am very happy with my Hulu and Netflix but have to pay half of the cable bill every month just because we have it. I would be completely happy with only having Internet especially since my TV isn’t even connected to the Cable.

Those are the things I have learned thusfar in my apartment living at Washington State University. I am absolutely positive I will learn much more as the year goes on, so wait for a follow up post in the spring!



We’re going to talk about my schedule yesterday, probably one of the longest most stressful days of my college carer. I am going to outline the times that everything happened, and then I am going to tell you how I REALLY feel about these events. Alright, here we go:



6:30AM – Wake up, get ready

    yeah.. so, 6:30 in the morning is way too early for me, it’s been decided.

7:00AM – The time I ACTUALLY woke up and rushed out the door

Granted, I was awake from the time my alarm went off at 6:30, but it felt nice to be able to relax for a few more minutes.

7:30AM – The bus finally got to my stop

After leaving my keys in the house, my CougarCard in the house, and all the lights on; I was finally able to get to the bus stop that is only about a two minute walk away from my apartment.

7:42AM – Arrival at Bustad Hall and walk to the Smith Center For Undergraduate Education for my first class.

Bustad Hall is an interesting building. It holds the Animal Sciences classes as well as an animal Hospital. (As a tour guide, I basically learn random facts about different places on campus and I find myself thinking about these facts in my daily life.)

8:10AM – Marketing 360

Damn, the professor for this class is hot… but he’s married… 

9:00AM – Walk with Carolina, a good friend, to our second class

We talked about when we were going to study for our marketing exam. Bleh two hours before the exam? Sounds like a plan!

9:10AM – Time for Multimedia Content Creation

This class is fun. The professor is a hoot. Quiz in this class on Friday.

10:00AM – Walk downstairs to my next class

I always seem to avoid every person I know on this walk. Mostly because I just don’t want to talk to anyone.

10:10AM – Digital Content Promotion

 I have something to say about this class… We are doing a group project. We should be working as a group. I have offered to help…I have offered to assist… I have even offered to work on a PR story for our campaign. NOTHING. Two of the four people in my group want to do the whole project themselves. I keep pushing to have more influence in the project, but they just won’t let me help. I hope this doesn’t ruin my grade… ugh

10:35AM – Out of class early time to kill a little bit of time.

Filled up my water bottle, went to the restroom and then hung out in my advisor’s office feeling like a kid in trouble who was sent to the principal.

11:00AM – Advising Meeting with Communications Advisor, Tami Vik

So apparently, I am academically deficient because I took one online class while I was working at Disney and didn’t do very well. WTF.. ugh I’m so over college. Can I just graduate already?

11:10AM – What should I do before my next meeting at 2?

This is what I was thinking… “Can I go home and sneak in a nap????”

11:15AM – Purchased a Spicy Chicken Burger, Garlic Fries and a drink from Gridiron.

Mmm… food. I love food. If I could marry food, I would.

11:20 AM – Arrive at Lighty Student Services to eat, study, and wait until my next meeting.

Mmm food, I hate studying (let’s blog instead!!), and ugh meetings…. Today is crap.

2:00 PM – Advising Meeting with an Advisor in the Center for Academic and Career Advising

I feel like the fact that I got one bad grade in college means that I should just drop out. Does anybody else see that the fact that I am doing everything in my power to clear my academic record and finish college with an awesome senior year? No? Well then…

2:45 PM – Go to library to study for my Marketing Exam tomorrow

Again, have I stated how much I HATE studying? Especially for this class.. I’m just so… over it. Say hello to SENIORITIS!

3:00 PM – Finally find somewhere to sit in the library

Let’s turn up the tunes, have everything laid out correctly, laptop plugged in… what else can I do to procrastinate?

5:00 PM – Cougar Connector Training

Cougar Connector (Tour guide) Training is always long and kind of boring. This is our first training of the year and the most pertinent for our new hires… Guess I should just grin and bear it.

8:00 PM – Finally time to go home 🙂

Bed time! Thank goodness. Longest day I’ve had in a while. Ugh.