Family Traditions I Miss Between Thanksgiving and Christmas

Growing up on the east coast, my family has a TON of Thanksgiving traditions that I have missed out on while being away at college.

A few of my favorite traditions that I miss are:

1. Indian Pudding – my mom’s special Thanksgiving dessert. Growing up, my family never ate dessert because we aren’t really sweets kind of people, we are much more of a meat and potatoes kind of family. Indian Pudding is made in the crock pot, and I am pretty sure it is the WORST dessert ever especially when paired with vanilla bean ice cream. Anyways, I really miss this dessert because it is part of my childhood and something that I always looked forward to during the holidays.

2. Decorating the Christmas Tree – The day after Thanksgiving was when my mom, dad and I would always decorate the house and the tree for Christmas. I really miss this because we would go through all of our ornaments and decide what we wanted the tree to look like each year. Whether it was all of the ornaments that my brother and I made during elementary school, a classic snowflake tree, or something crazy, it was always super fun to look back at my childhood to see how much I have grown.

3. Christmas Parties – When my family lived in Massachusetts as well as in Washington, we always had some party to go to whether it was for my dad’s work or just family friends, we would always be going out and doing things. Now that I am in college and my parents have moved to Florida, the social scene of the holidays has been lost.

4. Christmas with both sides of the family – When we lived in Massachusetts, my family had a tradition of having basically two Christmases every year. On Christmas Eve, we would go to Mass with my Mom’s side of the family and then head home for a huge dinner and presents. The next morning, we would wake up semi-early and have our family Christmas as well as an amazing breakfast cooked by my amazing almost chef Mother. After breakfast, we would get ready for the day and then head to my Memere’s house (my dad’s mom) for my Dad’s side of the family’s Christmas. I loved having Christmas with both sides of my extended family because I got to be the youngest when we were with my Mom’s family and the second oldest with my Dad’s family. It was always nice to see both sides of the Christmas spectrum every year.

Those are my top four favorite parts about the holidays that I miss the most as I become an adult. If you have any comments for any of these things, I urge you to comment! I will reply to your comments when I can!


Things I am Thankful For

As Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, I wanted to take a moment and let the world know what I am thankful for this year.

1. My family. This fall my dad lost his job and my mom has been going through a rough time with not really having too many contacts in Florida, even after being there for almost three years now. I love my mom and dad so much and cannot wait to see them in just under three weeks!

2. My friends. Chloe and Natalie are my two best friends here in Pullman and I have no idea where I would be without them in my life. They are my rocks and I love them to death. We are able to joke around, relax and watch movies, and have a ton of fun without doing anything stupid… most of the time. Without Chloe and Natalie, I probably wouldn’t have as good of grades as I have this year, I probably wouldn’t be thriving in my job search and I really just wouldn’t be as happy as I am right now. So I just want to say thank you to my two beautiful ladies, you are the best.

3. Netflix Disney Movies. This one is kind of weird I know, but Netflix has been my saving grace during those times when I just wanted to curl up in bed and watch movies. The fact that Netflix now has Disney movies, is probably the best part about it now. I am able to watch all of the movies from my childhood just by opening up my computer. No more renting movies from the library or trying to find friends who have these movies, just a click of a button and I’m reliving my childhood. 🙂

4. The Sun. On a 20 degree Winter day here in Pullman, I am thankful for the fact that it isn’t snowing. After living in Florida for 8 months from January-August, I am NOT ready for it to snow!

Things My Mom Taught Me

1754971-4626770-202-HThis past weekend, I flew to Seattle to spend a weekend with my mom. Since she lives all the way in Florida and I live in Pullman, WA, during the school year I barely get to see my parents. It was a great time to be able to spend time with my mom, do some sight seeing and have a little bit of fun. This trip was supposed to be super fun and relaxing, but the first night I was there, we went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory by South Center Mall in Tukwila, WA (about 30 minutes south of Seattle, closer to the airport). While we were at dinner, my mom’s friend’s car was broken into and my whole suitcase was stolen. I lost things from clothes to shoes and even all of my make-up and hair products. During this weekend alone, my mom taught me probably 100 things about life, love and the pursuit of happiness as a woman. I am going to share as many of these things with you as I can think of.

1.  Possessions are just things, they can be replaced.

2. It’s okay to cry sometimes.

3. Spend time with the people you love, put your phone away.

4. It’s important to look good. Yoga pants are not always the best option.

5. If a hotel offers free food/drinks during happy hour, take advantage!

6. Happy hour at a sushi restaurant means spending less than $40 for about $100 worth of food.

7. Never settle.

8. Don’t ever eat too much.

9. The best company is people who care about you.

10. Life happens. Try your best and you will succeed with flying colors.

I only was able to spend two full days with my mom, and I am sure she has taught me these 10 things a million times, but as I am growing up and becoming an adult I finally realized that what my mom says matters.

Here’s your take home from this blog post: Listen to your mom and make a book of the things she says. One day when you are in a dark place, the things she has taught you will come in handy.