Body Image: A College Student’s Peril


A personal testimony about why this campaign is so important for me:

Throughout my life, I have dealt with issues of body image. While I was growing up, I was never “skinny” it really hurt my self-esteem. I never learned to love my body or even be thankful that I have a working body. My whole life has been a struggle to be “skinnier” and “prettier.” When I came to WSU in 2010, I was not ready for the amount of stress college put on me. I ended up gaining even more than the dreaded “Freshman 15.”

When I went home for Winter Break, my parents and extended family looked so disappointed in my weight/physical image. This was a real life changing moment for me. I ended up going to the rec center, working my butt off (literally) and losing about 50 pounds over the course of the next year.

The Smile. Strong. Success. campaign is so important to me because I have come to the realization that while in college, I should look and feel my absolute best because when I start getting older, I will never have a chance to look the way I do now.

This campaign is for me to bring awareness to the other young women at my school because every girl should feel beautiful during college.



My Christmas List

My Christmas List this year is very straight forward because I only want two things.

A 4 week personal trainer because I believe that health and fitness is something I really need to work on. I believe that I am 21 years old and I should look and feel my best. I want to look amazing and not be afraid to be myself.

A hair cut! All I want is a hair cut because I have dead ends and I need a color as well. I am thinking about going blonde but I am not sure yet.

Anyways, that’s my christmas list for this year. Short and Sweet.

Reply to Thought Catalog

So, my new favorite blog is Thought Catalog and recently they posted 35 Things Your Boyfriend Isn’t Telling You. I thought it would be fun to post a reply to this post with a “20 Things Your Girlfriend Isn’t Telling You.” So here it goes 🙂

1. She really does not like your facial hair. If she says she likes scruffy, she thinks it’s cute for like… a day. No more than that though, sorry.

2. She actually loves action/adventure movies. She may make you watch chick flicks, but she actually enjoys a break from all the lovey-dovey stuff.

3. When girls talk to you at the bar, she gets jealous just a little bit on the inside. She won’t show it though.

4. She wants you to initiate conversation. A “Good Morning :)” text will make her smile all day long.

5. She needs girl time. All of her time can not be devoted to you.

6. Taking your girl out on a date revitalizes your relationship especially when you don’t do it often. Even if it is a free movie or concert at your school, it’s always nice to be reassured that you still want to spend quality time in public together.

7. Seeing you happy is something she wants to see and gets so excited when she sees your smile.

8. She is sorry she let things get out of hand too soon.

9. She will never forget her first. Don’t pretend that she will.

10. She hides a lot from you because she thinks you will dislike her if you know.

11. She hates that you go to a hair dresser to get your hair cut. A good pair of clippers is all you need.

12. She isn’t too busy to come over, she just needs some time to herself.

13. She loves you in a suit. It’s very sexy.

14. She wants to be friends with your buddies. She wants to get to know them.

15. She wants you to be there when she cries. Even if she says she doesn’t want you.

16. A period mix and a box of cupcakes (like Ashton Kutcher did in No Strings Attached) is actually just what a girl needs sometimes.

17. She is terrified of losing you.

18. She loves to wear yoga pants and be comfy and she loves that you still love her when she does.

19. If you can afford it, flowers are the best “just because” gift. Or maybe just bring her coffee, that will make her just as happy.

20. She is terrified of you cheating on her.


Well there it is folks! I hope you liked my little reply to Thought Catalog!

I want to thank Thought Catalog for posting so many interesting new posts every day. It certainly entertains my friends and I.


 As a college student, I am very interested in staying healthy and active in college. One resource I have used throughout my college experience is the Paleo Diet. This diet is all about eating healthy non-processed foods. Healthy foods fill you up and keep you full throughout the whole day! Even though paleo is technically a “diet” there is no research proving that you will lose weight. My take on “going paleo” is that I wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle by cutting carbohydrates, refined sugar, dairy, legumes and grains. Basically, you are avoiding any food that would “harm us by causing systemic inflammation, wrecking our guts, or derailing our natural metabolic processes (NomNomPaleo).” In order to do this, your plate should look like this:


There are many of websites that you can use for support and help translating what you should and should not eat while on the Paleo Diet.

By following the Paleo Diet, I have learned how to live my life without the staples known to many people as “real American food.” By cutting out refined sugar and dairy, life has been hard but it’s really easy to get used to especially since I have some great resources for recipes.

For more information and some awesome recipes:

Elena’s Pantry

US News Paleo Diet



Wikipedia – I don’t usually use Wikipedia, but they have a good description of the Paleo Diet.


My Favorite Recipes

Banana Bread

Chocolate Chip Protein Muffins

Mushroom Gravy Rump Roast


So this is going to be a bit of a rant about something that really ticks me off; keeping score.

Whether you keep score in your relationship or friendship, you are always trying to figure out which of you is the “better person.” I believe that trying to be the best in any type of relationship is unhealthy mostly due to the fact that relationships, to me, are all about give and take as well as compromise.

When you keep score, you either mentally or sometimes even physically record what you give/do for someone. Then you are expecting to gain something in return that could be of value to you.

I have been in two relationships (one friendship and one with a boyfriend) where we kept score. Score keeping started when it came to paying for things like dinner, then escalated to every time he held a door open for me or whenever I gave him a back massage. In the end, the score got so close that all we cared about was being better than each other.

These were probably the two unhealthiest relationships I have ever had in my life. These types of relationships also bring baggage to every other relationship I have tried to be in.

As a word of warning, if you feel like you are starting to keep score in any relationship, step back and take a look at what is going on. If you are unhappy in the relationship, keeping score (in my past) usually means that you are looking for a way to dissolve the relationship without it being your fault. At this time, try to have a conversation with the other person and figure out what your issues are before you do something you may regret.