Google Analytics

So in my Digital Content Promotion class, we have been doing a lot with Google Analytics and figuring out when is the right time to post as well as figuring out what key words are the best to increase traffic on our blogs/Facebook/Twitter. I wanted to do the same thing for my personal blog because I think Analytics are super cool and really give insight to what makes a good blog.


As you can see from this bar graph, during week 43 I had the most visitors. A number of these visitors came to my blog because I posted about it on my Facebook, but many others came because I posted about the Denny’s in Pullman closing and how I really hoped it would be made into a Red Robin.

I think that Google Analytics are the coolest part of creating content on the Internet. The fact that we can track and see whether people are returning to our website or only coming and looking once, finding that it is boring, and leaving never to return.