Body Image: A College Student’s Peril


A personal testimony about why this campaign is so important for me:

Throughout my life, I have dealt with issues of body image. While I was growing up, I was never “skinny” it really hurt my self-esteem. I never learned to love my body or even be thankful that I have a working body. My whole life has been a struggle to be “skinnier” and “prettier.” When I came to WSU in 2010, I was not ready for the amount of stress college put on me. I ended up gaining even more than the dreaded “Freshman 15.”

When I went home for Winter Break, my parents and extended family looked so disappointed in my weight/physical image. This was a real life changing moment for me. I ended up going to the rec center, working my butt off (literally) and losing about 50 pounds over the course of the next year.

The Smile. Strong. Success. campaign is so important to me because I have come to the realization that while in college, I should look and feel my absolute best because when I start getting older, I will never have a chance to look the way I do now.

This campaign is for me to bring awareness to the other young women at my school because every girl should feel beautiful during college.